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We care about our passengers and do our best to provide the service always on time. You don't have to worry about leaving your car on the parking lot. Leave it at your house and arrange a service with Wisla Express...

Office: 1 (860) 229 7796 1 (860) 281 6316 office@wislaexpressct.com Office stationary: 147 Broad St 06053 New Britain 9am – 8pm Monday - Friday9am – 5pm Saturday

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147 Broad Street, New Britain 06053

tel +1 860 229 7796

fax +1 860 357 3134

emergency +1 860 281 6316


Company Policy:

All sales are final. Transport is not refundable after purchase, although credit may be used for five consecutive years. In order to use that credit Wisla Express LLC must be notified two days in advance. Please contact Wisla Express LLC representative at least 24 hours prior to a new date to create a new reservation based on availability.

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